Monday, January 13, 2014

It is well

Speed doesn’t usually scare me. I’m fine to buzz right along with traffic each morning on my way to work. I’ve even been known to have a bit of a lead foot. This was different. This was wind whipping through your hair, snow flurries in your face, control your turns or face certain death kind of speed.  I was scared.

My family recently rode snow mobiles along the Continental Divide in Colorado. Greg and the kids are avid dirt bike riders so they were thrilled to push their machines to the limit. I, on the other hand, was not. I envisioned a tangled mess of broken body parts and twisted metal as I plummeted off the side of the mountain.

In time, I got a hang of it. I even pushed myself to go faster than I would normally go. It was really fun! Not wanting to press my luck, I decided after a few hours to head back earlier than the rest so they could have fun at top speed. My daughter decided she was done too, so she offered to lead me back to the rental cabin.
At first she stayed pretty close as we motored through the trails. But her love of speed kicked in and she was gone. I was completely alone on the trail. My initial reaction was to panic. I knew I could follow the trail and find my way back, but what if something happened on the way? I felt myself chocking back the fear. 

I immediately cried out to God. Almost as clearly as I saw the wind dance through the trees, I heard Him speak to my heart, “It is well.”

Peace landed like snowflakes as I began to sing the verses of the sweet old hymn. My perspective changed and I once again enjoyed my surroundings, maybe more than ever, seeing God’s hands everywhere I looked. It was well with my soul.

What does your journey look like right now? Do you need to leave your comfort zone and try something new? Or maybe you’ve stepped out in faith but feel you may have lost sight of which way to go. I’ll admit, I didn’t know how it would turn out. But God did. When I stepped out and tried something new, He met me there and changed my perspective. There are a lot of things in this world we can be afraid of but how many more things are there to be amazed by? Is it well with your soul?

Be blessed,

  “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.” Isaiah 3:10


Unknown said...

I am happy you are back! And what a way to soul is anxious in this new stage of my life when all of my kids are grown and gone, one married, one getting married in the spring, one moved away for a dangerous job. New stage and no control or soul is not well. So to the good book I go. Thanks!

Courtney Endicott said...

I have missed you and your words of encouragement. Thank you! You always seem to touch my heart!

LaWanda Bailey said...

I once heard that growth occurs when we step just beyond what we think we can do. I have found that to be true. Expect some nervousness or fear and step anyway!

Jennifer said...

Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement and hope! I'm so thankful that you take precious moments of your day to read what's on my heart. I can't wait to see what God will show us this year! :)

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