Monday, November 11, 2013

Give Me a Break

I’m a walker. I know we all walk, but walking is my chosen form of exercise. It’s common for me to walk several miles a day, several days a week. But lately, my walking has felt a little different.

I’m pushing myself
Goals are a great thing! They can inspire and motivate us to keep going even when we want to quit. But do we ever push too hard? I don’t know about you, but I try to set goals I couldn’t reach on my own. I know I will need God’s help. But I’ve had to ask myself lately – did God intend that goal for me? Am I really supposed to be pushing myself this hard?

The ‘get to’ has become a ‘have to’
I’m thankful to have time to myself to think, worship, pray or even just zone out while I’m walking. Normally, it’s a time to feed my body and my soul. But lately, it feels more like a ‘have to.’ I’m so tired from a busy schedule that I lack the energy. When I don’t do it, I feel guilty. Can you relate? What has become a ‘have to’ in your life? Our energy wanes and our mindsets forget these things are something we ‘get to’ do.

I go when I should stop
We live in a busy world and it’s difficult to stop and rest. But God created this world and even He rested on the seventh day – amen? If you’re like me, you probably fill most of your time with things that need to get done. Some of it is fun, some is monotonous, and some is just necessary. But when do you do nothing? When do you rest? My knee reminded me the other day that I should have been resting instead of walking. I shouldn’t require pain to stop and listen.

I’ve shared before that I’m trying to find a new balance in my life. Seasons have changed, and even though the change has been good, everything feels different. So I’m going to make a temporary change – I’m taking a break from my blog. I have written every week for almost 5 years. I have loved it and it has grown me in ways I never expected. But I’m tired and I need some rest. I invite you to look through the archives when you need a word of encouragement. I believe God will lead you to the exact thing He wants you to know. Keep walking… I’ll catch up with you soon!

Be blessed,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


Vicki said...

Get some rest. We will miss you and the truths God give you. See you soon!

Teri Jones said...

May God bless your season of rest by filling every space with more of himself. I love The Message paraphrase of the verse you quoted above, Matthew 11:28. Check it out. May you rest in his "unforced rhythms of grace."

Jennifer said...

Thanks Teri! :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Vicki! I appreciate you. :)

Anonymous said...

Will miss your weekly blogs. Enjoy your rest! Hebrews4:10
Angie Wagner

Jennifer said...

Thank you Angie! So glad to know you've enjoyed it! :)

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