Thursday, October 3, 2013


In the early morning hours before the sun has woken up, I spend time in my office reading by the light of my desk lamp. This is part of my morning routine I’ve come to rely on as much as a steaming cup of coffee.

But today was different.

I took my seat, grabbed my journal, and flicked on the light switch to begin my day. But nothing happened. I switched it off and back on again (not sure why I thought that would work) but still nothing. I wiggled the cord and switched out the light bulb all to no avail. My lamp was dead.

While mourning the loss of my daily companion, something black and shiny caught my eye from behind my desk. It was the lamp cord. 

At this point, I’m convinced that God Himself unplugged my lamp so I would see Him in a new way. Because friend, I can’t make this stuff up! So here’s what I realized…

God is a great source of power
God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth is accessible to us. Through Jesus Christ, God has made Himself available to you and I every minute of every day. Talk about an under-utilized resource! Sure, we may know we can pray to Him whenever we feel the need. But do we truly understand He is the source of everything we do? If we spent as much time and energy plugged into God as we do trying to do things on our own, we could light up the whole city! 

Plugging in is a choice
Okay, I understand my lamp didn’t “choose” to become unplugged. But you and I do. Every day, we choose if we are tapping into God’s mighty power or if we’re doing life on our own. Do you ever plug in temporarily when you feel your situation is more than you can handle, only to unplug when the moment has passed?  God won’t force us to stay connected so we end up losing the benefit of His great power.

We’re not solar panels
Solar panels work by soaking up energy from the sun. They temporarily store energy and then need to replenish again when it runs out. Is that how we treat God? Do we soak Him in for a while and then when the power runs out, we come back to soak up a little more? Believer, God’s power wasn’t intended to be short term! He wants us to be plugged in to Him for a constant infusion of His power. We should be tethered to Him as our lifeline not merely soaking Him up from a distance. 

If we’re not plugged into God as our source of power, we are as useful as a dead lamp. We may be nice to look at, but we’re completely ineffective. Believer, God offers His unlimited power if we’ll only stay connected to Him. Are you plugged in?

Be blessed,

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power.” Psalms 147:5


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