Friday, June 7, 2013

God will

In my quiet time this morning, God laid a few things on my heart to journal. Then He told me to share it with you...

God will. That's what I need to remember today - God will.

He will restore what has been lost.
He will provide for my every need.
He will protect me from my enemy.
He will bring justice on those who have wronged me.
He will forgive my sins and mistakes.
He will guide my path.
He will keep His promises - all of them.
He will equip me to do what He has planned.
He will open and close doors for me.
He will love me when I fail.
He will see the hope in me even when I can't.

His timing is not my timing. His ways are not my ways. He is perfect. He cannot fail.
His love endures forever.
He will.

Be blessed,


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