Thursday, May 16, 2013

Everywhere you look

I recently participated in a Q & A session with a group of ladies that had just completed my newest Bible study, One Size Fits All. This was such a treat for me because there are so many ladies I never have the opportunity to meet, even when I’m invited to speak to their church. I appreciated the invitation.

As we discussed things that God had revealed to them throughout the study and how they were applying His truth, an interesting question came up – how do you know when God is telling you to do something?

I’d like to share my answer with you today…

A few years ago, my family was looking for a previously loved car because my son would be going off to college. We found a sassy red Camry. We didn’t know much about the car so we started doing some research. Soon the weirdest thing happened; we started seeing red Camrys everywhere!

We had never noticed the car before, but now that it was on our “radar” it was everywhere we looked. On highways, in parking lots, in TV commercials – everywhere! We eventually decided it was a good fit for our family and we bought it. A decision we have never regretted.

In my opinion, God works the same way. When we spend time getting to know more about Him, He will reveal things to us in the most uncommon ways. He shows up in things we read, encouragement from a friend, even a storyline on our favorite TV program – we start to see Him everywhere!

So to answer the question, how do you know when God is telling you to do something, I have to say I spend time with Him and then open my eyes. I do the research by learning more about His will and His nature. Once I’ve done that, I begin to see His hands moving everywhere. 

We’ve all probably asked for a neon sign from God telling us what we need to do at one point or another.  It seems to me that God prefers signs made of flesh and blood over signs made of glass and neon. He uses the people and things around us to speak His truth into our lives. But do we see Him? Maybe it’s time we ask Him to open our eyes in a new way. He truly is everywhere we look.

Be blessed,

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” Psalm 119:18


Shelley Molitor said...

I have experienced this, but the most powerful way God has answered my question is directly through his word, either by bringing a verse to mind when Im asking for the answer, or by recalling my question when reading his word.

Jennifer said...

Isn't He so faithful?! Thanks for sharing Shelley. :)

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