Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do the Right Thing

You know the happy feeling you get deep in your heart when you pull up in the crowded store parking lot and see a great spot available just for you? Has it ever been followed closely by the crushing blow of seeing someone else zip in at the last minute and take it before you do? Ya, that happened today.

As I made my mandatory stop at the stop sign, I spotted the open space. It was close to where I needed to go and was eagerly waiting my arrival. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a woman was approaching the crossing.

I still have time to make it to the space. She’s several steps away from the crossing. Go!

But something told me to wait. I waved the woman through with a forced smile and then waited for what seemed like an eternity for her to cross. As I drove forward, someone took the open parking spot.

Okay, I see how it is! You do the right thing and then…

I drove to the other side of the store where I found an even better space waiting for me. A mixture of joy and guilt caused me to praise God out loud.

Ever been there?  Being in awe of God’s blessing while ashamed of your own selfishness? I was frustrated that I missed out on what I wanted because I was doing the right thing for someone else, but all the while God had something even better in mind for me.

God never fails to go before us! When He calls us to do something, we can have full confidence that He is there to work it out. Will it always be perfect? No. Will it be easy? Not usually. Will it bring Him glory? Yes. Will He bless your effort? Absolutely.

Are you wondering which way to go? Trying to pick between doing the right thing and doing the thing you want to do? Believer, trust that God is leading you where HE wants you to go. He knows your heart and His rewards are far better than we can ever imagine!

Be blessed,

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9


Vonda Skelton said...

Yes, and I have to remember that doing the right thing is itself the reward. I tend to expect a reward for doing the right thing, and when another yucky thing happens instead, I sometimes wonder why bother...

But then I'm reminded that doing the right thing is what I must do, regardless of the outcome, good or bad. It's all part of God's upside-down, perfect economy!

Jennifer said...

Excellent point, Vonda. I'm always reminding myself to be obedient because of what God has done, not what He will do. Thanks for sharing! :)

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