Thursday, November 8, 2012


A new friend of mine is getting re-acquainted with God. She’s known about Him the majority of her life, but is just beginning to form a relationship with Him. She’s seeing His presence in new ways and trying to open her protected heart. While still a little apprehensive, she is slowly becoming more aware of God in her everyday activities.  I’ve been so blessed to have seen the subtle ways Father God is reaching out to her and the “coincidences” that have transpired lately. I have a Godly jealousy remembering how sweet the beginning of the love story can be.

Another sweet friend I met recently reminds me how it feels to be on fire for God. Her new love for Him burns like a brilliant flame and you can see how enamored she is with Him. She has a heart for serving His kingdom and runs with enthusiasm toward the things of Him. Her energy encourages me to remember the joy that comes with relationship with God.

As I thought one morning about how God is gently working in each woman’s life, a sermon came on the radio. There was one of my favorite Bible teachers sharing a message about something I had been dealing with in my own life. His words of truth, hope and encouragement spoke directly to my heart.  

There You are, God. You’re still pursuing me.

That’s the amazing thing about God – He never stops reaching out to us. He doesn’t win our affection and then walk away; He pours His love into us again and again if we let Him.

For some of us, our love for the Lord may not be a new thing in our lives, but it certainly still makes us new every day. God opens our eyes. He encourages and equips our souls. He has fun with us. He speaks to us in a way that we will understand. He makes us into the people He intends for us to be. He pursues us… are we pursing Him?

Be blessed,

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


Courtney Endicott said...

I have to remind myself of this sometimes. It is such a wonderful thing!

Jennifer said...

You and me both, Courtney. :)

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