Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handle with Care

Christmas is slowly coming to life at my house. Boxes are coming down from the attic and the normal decor is being replaced by lighted garland, nativity scenes, and a few of my favorite snowmen. The seven foot spruce stands patiently in the corner waiting to be adorned with ribbon, berries, and glittery balls.

While unwrapping ornaments the other day, I noticed one of them had broken. Thin shards of glass reminded me of the hurry I was in last year as I put the Christmas decorations away. Ready to just get the job done, I shoved too many things into the box and apparently there were casualties from my lack of patience.

You and I are just like those ornaments. Beautifully and delicately made, each unique in our design. But we’re fragile. Harsh words and hurt feelings can cause cracks that may not be easy to see, but we know are there. The world becomes impatient with us and before long, we break.

My pretty little ornament may have been a lost cause but fortunately we are not beyond repair. God is willing and able to fix our hurts if we let Him. His supernatural grace, mercy, and love fill in the cracks and bind our hearts back together again. Not only does He repair us, He makes us stronger. So the next time we feel the pressure of worldly expectations, we will be more able to endure in His strength.

Knowing how easily we can crack and break, we need to extend that same awareness to others. Are you going to be seeing that family member that you can’t help but fight with this season? Do you have to spend time with people you would normally choose to avoid? Ask God to give you the grace and mercy you will need to be with them. He will give you His words to share with them instead of your own. In the midst of protecting your heart from damage, God can faithfully use you to build those people up as well. Like them or not, they are just as precious to God as you are – so handle with care.

Be blessed,

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him…” Nahum 1:7


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