Thursday, September 13, 2012

Superman, Daddy, and the Almighty God

I have another blogger friend I'd like you to meet today. I met Vonda Skelton at the North Texas Christian Writers Conference and found a kindred spirit. We both have a passion for women's ministry, love the written word and enjoy a good story. So today, Vonda most graciously agreed to tell us a story of childhood dreams and God's perfect timing. Grab a cup of coffee, you're gonna love this!

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As a little girl, I never wanted to do little girl things. Instead of being a cheerleader, I played on the boys’ baseball team. Instead of running from the guys who pulled my hair, I chased them, threw them to the ground and beat them up. Life was good.

Then I found Superman. Standing up for truth, justice, and the American way, this muscle-bound hero showed up in my living room every week, protecting the population of Metropolis from the evil forces of the world. He was always there when they needed him. And although I understood that Superman wasn’t real, I still wanted to be like him. I wanted to fly.

I don’t mean really fly. I was old enough to realize that some sort of trick made Superman soar above the needy crowd. Then I discovered the secret. They used ropes! So I tied a towel-cape around my shoulders, grabbed a rope, and climbed up my favorite tree.

First big mistake.

I was very careful to make sure the rope was the correct length, long enough to allow me to soar back and forth over the sandbox, but short enough to assure a satisfactory elevation. I wrapped the corded braid around my waist and tested the knots until I was confident they would hold me up. On the count of five, I took a deep breath and jumped.

Second big mistake.

Have you ever tried to breathe while hanging from a rope? In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t make any difference whether the rope is tied around your waist or around your neck, the end result is the same: you die. So there I was, dangling from the tree, folded in half like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the dead weight of my arms and legs hanging over the sandbox. I couldn’t reach the tree and couldn’t squeak out a call for help.

For the first time in my young life, I knew real fear. In the few moments it took for my entire life to flash before my eyes (all of about three seconds—it doesn’t take too long to flash through seven years), I realized I was going to die. I had climbed the tree in order to pretend I was saving the world, and now I prayed that someone would come along and save me. I imagined my parents’ reactions when they found my limp body hanging on display, right there in the front yard for all to see. Boy, was I in trouble this time.

And then a miracle happened. Daddy came home early. As a hard-working young man trying to support his wife and four kids, he was rarely home before bedtime. But that day, he was. And just as the last three molecules of oxygen were circulating through my brain, Daddy’s big, strong arms reached up and saved me. He took control of my most dangerous situation.

That day confirmed what I already knew: Daddy was right up there with Superman. And although he wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet and couldn’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, he was my hero. He had rescued me in the most fearful moment of my young life.

If only we would always recognize and tap into the super powers of our Heavenly Daddy. Unlike our earthly father—or Superman—God’s power is never limited. And He wants to be our Hero!

Are you at the end of your rope today, hanging on for dear life? Are you fearful? Suffering with illness? Hurt over a broken relationship? Searching for His will in your life? Disappointed in your ministry?

Call on your powerful Daddy. Like my daddy was back then, God is constantly at work. But instead of being busy and unavailable like my earthly daddy, God-at-work means He’s always with us. He doesn’t miss a thing. He’s ready and willing to step in and take control…if only we’ll let Him.

God’s big, strong arms are ready to reach down and save you. What do you need to release to Him today?


Vonda Skelton is the author of four books: a women’s non-fiction, Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe, and the 3-book Bitsy Burroughs Mysteries for kids 8-13yo.

She is also a national speaker and founder of the Christian Communicators Conference (, which educates, validates, and launches women in a speaking ministry.

She loves teaching writing through her popular blog, The Christian Writer’s Den , which you can find at her website,

Vonda and her husband Gary live in SC, have two daughters and four grandchildren, and have been married all their lives…and they’re still happy about it!


Vonda Skelton said...

Thanks for having me, Jennifer! What a joy to share my stuff.

Jennifer said...

You're welcome Vonda! I'm always happy for my readers to meet my sweet writer friends. Thanks for sharing such a cute story. :)

Lori Ann Freeland said...

Two of my favorite people on the same blog today. Can a Friday get any better?

Jennifer said...

Thanks Lori! We <3 you too! :)

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