Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I’m not nearly cool enough to keep up with the kids’ slang these days, but I have learned a new saying:
YOLOYou Only Live Once
While this has become the mantra of risk taking, rule breaking adolescents throughout the nation, I think there’s a nugget here for you and me. Let’s look at it from a few different angles…
The basic premise is entirely true. God has preordained the number of our days on earth. Once those days are gone, there is no “do over” or turning back the clock. Each day is finite and has an expiration limit. So are we treating our days like a precious commodity?
I don’t consider myself a big risk taker. I’m not always looking to climb every mountain and swim every stream. There are things I enjoy that may not be everyone’s cup of tea… like scrapbooking, musicals and watching old black and white movies.  I try to be content in my circumstances and cast out any constant longing for more. But sometimes I wonder, do I play it too safe?
When we let God direct our actions, He’s gonna take us right out to the edge. Lately, I’ve taken bigger risks in the pursuit of God’s plan for my life than ever before. My days have been filled with book edits, publisher meetings, video shoots, photo shoots, marketing strategies… none of which I’m comfortable with! God has been expanding my borders and growing me through experiences I would never have sought out on my own. The thrill of seeing God work is intoxicating, why have I been running from it?
Who’s to say if we should play it safe or take more chances? Um, God will. God knows you and I intimately, better than we even know ourselves. He knows where we need to stretch and grow and where we need to find contentment and rest. His plans for our lives determine our risk factors. But are we letting Him choose? Are we taking chances for Him or just playing it safe? If He’s asking you to do something that feels scary, trust me, He’s in it! There’s glory to be found there! Take that step and just do the thing! Or if you think you hear Him telling you to let go of something you’ve been doing, let it go. That only means He has a better use of your time and that is always the better option.
I’ll leave you with the wise words from Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus. “Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy!” YOLO!
“The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.” Psalm 118:24


donna said...

thumbs up! thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Thanks Donna! Glad you liked it! :)

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