Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Elephant in the Room

My husband, Greg, is still in India. I shared a few weeks ago that I had the opportunity to go, but God’s answer was “not now.” Thankfully He is sovereign and with all that has happened over the last week or so, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a thing.

Meanwhile, Greg is adjusting once again to culture shock and an inverted body clock (India is almost half a day ahead of us). While touring a local temple, the group Greg was with came to a courtyard with a surprise feature—an elephant. It was unusual to find such a huge animal inside the walls of a temple, but when offered a ride, the group obliged. Can you guess which one is my husband?

At the end of the traditional ride in the basket, the driver allowed Greg to climb over and sit on the back of the elephant’s head. This is the driver’s seat. Now, he alone could control where that elephant would go. By strategically pulling the elephant’s ears or tapping the top of his head, Greg was in charge of the ginormous beast.

This got me thinking, is it really that easy to control the elephant in the room? I have several things in my life that I’d rather ignore than deal with. Do you? Personal disciplines, tough decisions that need to be made, and difficult conversations that are far overdue are easy to walk around and put off until later. But they become the elephant in the room. And we end up adjusting our lifestyle because they are there.

If you can control a real elephant by tugs and taps on the head, couldn’t you also control the elephant in the room? You can, but only from the driver’s seat:

•    Behavior issues with your kids? Research to find a solution that will work for them and stick with it!
•    Need to have a tough talk with a friend? Pray over the situation and being in godly counsel if necessary.
•    Trying to make changes in your life? Find a friend who will keep you accountable.

With God’s help, we can all climb over the basket and move into the driver’s seat. Until we do, we just keep walking around the elephant in the room, hoping it will go away. But it won’t move until we do. Are you ready to drive?

Be blessed,

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7


Marilyn Turk said...

Great blog. There are some elephants I need to deal with too. Thanks for sharing your insights. And I,m thankful Julie Garmon helped me "find" you.

Unknown said...

Welcome Marilyn, it's always nice to meet new friends! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Feel free to subscribe and you will be emailed each week with a blog reminder. Like Julie, I always seem to find something to talk about! :)

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