Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Add Water

The delicate pink and yellow gerbera daisies seemed to be calling to me as I wandered through the rows of newly blossomed flowers. These little flowers made my heart smile, so I scooped up a variety of pinks and yellows and added them to my collection.

I’ve been guilty of killing innocent plants in the past, but I’m determined to change my ways. I matched each plant with a pot it could thrive in and sat back to enjoy. A few days passed by before I found myself out on my back porch admiring my plants again.

Now, the delicate pink and yellow daisies looked sad. They didn’t stand quite as tall. They were wilted and a thin line of brown was developing around the edge.

How could this be happening? I thought I did everything right.

Then I realized … I hadn’t watered the flowers! I had taken so much time picking them out, bringing them home, finding the perfect spot, and planting them in fresh soil. But I forgot the most basic need—water.

I shouldn’t be surprised that I forgot to water my flowers, because I continuously forget to water myself. I busy myself with going to church, doing Bible studies, and teaching classes. But, again, I forget the most basic need—Living Water. I can spend so much time FOR God that I forget to spend time WITH God. I may fill in the blanks of a Bible study, but do I let Him fill in the gaps of my heart? Do I sit in silence and listen for Him to whisper to my heart? Do you?

I may not literally turn brown on my edges when I’m deprived of Living Water, but I sure do get crispy all the same. Just like the flowers, I’m wilted and sad, unable to make someone’s heart smile. Ever been there? Are you there now?

My little daisies perked right back up after a nice drink of water (go figure) and are once again making my heart happy. They can do what they were made to do because they have been given what they need. You and I can get back to the things we were made for too, all we need to do is just add water!

Be blessed,


“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38


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