Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of Alignment

The phone rang at 7:45 on Friday morning. I heard my son Jordan on the other end.

Mom, Paige and I are fine but we need you to bring us your car. The tire on my truck is shot.”

Fifteen minutes later I was standing on the side of the highway, sipping my coffee and hoping that none of the drivers whooshing by noticed my morning hair. I watched Greg jack up the truck and remove the offending tire with manly finesse.

Sure enough, the inside tread of the tire was coming apart . A few more miles and the tire would have blown out completely. Fortunately, Jordan noticed something was wrong and pulled off the highway before it ended badly.

The interesting thing about the tire was the middle tread was still fine. In fact, it could have gone several hundred miles before it needed to be replaced. But this issue happened because the truck was out of alignment. The constant tug of war was causing uneven wear and now was a problem that couldn't be ignored.

I don't know about you, but I find that same problem in my own life. I play tug of war far too often. Right vs wrong. Need vs want. God's way vs my way. I pull and struggle and before I know it, I am out of alignment. By the time I notice something is wrong the damage has already been done.

Let's face it, while we are on this earth we will have to be aware of our alignment. The world constantly tries to pull us away from the blessings God has for us. But there's good news! God allows us to be in alignment with Him. When we keep Him as our focus, God navigates us through the bumps and potholes of this world and shows us the road He wants us to take. It's only when we decide to be in control or let our gaze wander off to something else that we begin to drift. We don't have to live in a constant tug of war! His way is what is best for us. No matter how hard we've pulled, He can always bring us back into alignment...

Be blessed,


Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4


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