Monday, April 18, 2011

A spoonful of sugar

It has been a really long weekend. Up every morning by 5:30am and at the Dallas Convention Center by 8:00am. All to watch my daughter's volleyball team snag defeat out of the mouth of victory. Ya, we lost...several times.

So when the 6:00am alarm went off this morning, I was not a happy camper. Half awake, I made some coffee and started looking through my schedule for the day:
1.write the blog
2.fix website issue
3.write 2 days in my new study
4.lunch w/my girlfriends

Wait...stop right there. I have a lunch date today? YES! I get to spend time with some sweet friends. My demeanor instantly changed. Instead of groggy and uninterested I became energized and engaged. My mind clicked on all cylinders as I planned the days events.

Just like taking a spoonful of sugar with our medicine, we need to mix in some want to's in with our have to's. To do lists can be a monotonous but we can infuse them with a little joy along the way.

Got a long commute to work? Jam out to some of your favorite music on the way. You know, the stuff that you can't help singing along with. It makes you happy. Got a list of errands to run? First swing by your favorite little drink place and pick up something cold and icy. That way every time you get back into the car after each errand, you have a quick tasty cool down to keep you going.

God wants us to enjoy each day we're given. Not enjoy each day after our to do list is complete. But finding joy in the midst of the to do's is up to us...

Be blessed,

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10b


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