Monday, February 21, 2011

What about the rest?

I have waited for this day for weeks. It's Monday morning and I have the day off! Our nation is honoring the Presidents, past and present. With a nod of appreciation and respect, I thank them for the day of rest.

My husband, Greg, happens to have the day off too. While it's uncommon for me to have such a day off, it's a complete rarity for him. Needless to say, we've been like two kids in a candy store lately trying to decide what to do with our day.

We examined the 'honey do' list to see what projects could be completed in one day. From painting my office to repairing the stone around the flowerbed, we found several worthy projects. We even played with the idea of starting the garden we've been talking about lately.

We soon moved on to the 'fun stuff' list. We could go to the museum, go shopping (my pick, not his) or even take in an afternoon movie. Then there's always sky diving, boating on the lake or whirly ball. We've had fun discussing crazy ideas in front of our kids. They have school today.

We were then hit with the 'must do' list. Laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning... the list goes on and on. This could be some extra time to do some spring cleaning, arrange a closet or two and get our house back in order.

While pondering our options, Genesis came to mind. From the darkness, God created heaven and earth. He then filled the earth with His wonders. Trees, oceans, animals, land... all of it! And on the last day He rested. God shows us that we have to take time to rest.

Our lives our fast paced and allow us to get a lot of things done. We have responsibilities to meet and families to take care of. But nothing, I mean NOTHING we're doing can be as important as creating the world! (Although we may think it is) We need to follow God's example and rest.

Resting does not require you to sit perfectly still while staring off into space. Resting includes anything that brings peace to your mind and body. Listening to your favorite music. Reading the book you've always meant to start (or finish). Watching a chick flick in the middle of the day. Taking a much needed nap. There are a million ways for us to find rest. We just have to seek it out.

I hope you incorporate some rest in your schedule this week. You'll feel so much better if you do. Now I'm going to go spend the day with my favorite man...

Be blessed,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


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