Monday, January 17, 2011

Dog Fight

Have you ever seen a mean dog? You know, the kind that growl and bark at you for no reason. They bear their teeth and lunge toward you when you get too close. A dog with such a mean spirit that you couldn't love on it if you wanted to. It won't let you. It refuses to receive kindness and love.

I've recently had an encounter with a 'mean dog' personality. This 'mean dog' was a self-proclaimed atheist that was determined to disprove my faith in God. I was not expecting the assault as the 'mean dog' inserted himself into a conversation I was having with someone else. But as I heard what he felt he needed to say, I recognized the 'mean dog' attitude and behavior. Before I drew my sword to counter attack and to prove my faith, I prayed asking God to give me His words to equip me for the fight. Lord, how can I best glorify you? I was a little surprised when God instantly gave me the Scripture that is listed below. I hadn't thought of that Scripture in years and new immediately what God was instructing me to do. Don't argue.

You see, God already knew that 'mean dog'. He had been dealing with him for years. God knew that his heart was not ready to accept the truth of God's word. The 'mean dog' was still barking a bearing teeth, just waiting for an unsuspecting believer to try to come too close so he could rip them apart. God knew what had made that dog mean and He knew how He planned to soften the 'mean dog's' heart. God didn't need me to hit Biblical high points with him, He needed me to obey even if I didn't understand why.

When Jesus stood before His persecutors, He did not explain Himself or defend His faith. Jesus knew the 'mean dogs' weren't ready to receive the truth He came to share. Please understand, there is a difference between sharing your faith testimony and feeling that you have to DEFEND your faith. God equips us for spiritual battle but also gives us discernment to know when to fight.

So did I chicken out by avoiding the fight? Not at all. I showed grace and mercy to the barking dog and didn't bark back. I would reply with a few words to acknowledge that I heard him, but would not argue. By the end of the week the 'mean dog' was bored with me because I wouldn't fight and chose to walk away. I don't know how his story will end, but God does. I did my part...I obeyed God. God told me not to fight it out with him but to hold my tongue instead no matter how irritated I may have felt. Then He equipped me to do it. Sometimes we can glorify God more by not saying a word.

Be blessed,

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” Matthew 7:6


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