Monday, December 27, 2010

Following directions

My husband, Greg, and I set off on an adventure yesterday afternoon. The day was clear and crisp, we had internet directions in hand so away we went. Our destination... Peaster, TX. We had never been to Peaster but the directions said it should take about an hour. The directions had a long list of turns down country roads that we'd never heard of, with only one or two sounding familiar. So in order to save some time, we ignored the beginning directions and took a short cut to the road we were familiar with and started there.

As we drove down the familiar road, we kept looking for the illusive country road turn off we were supposed to be turning onto. It never came. Greg began to doubt my navigating skills as he checked and double checked the direction list again. Fortunately we were going to intersect with a highway we had heard of before so we decided to go ahead the way we knew to find the highway.

Success! Now all we needed to do was head west until we were able to pick back up with the internet directions. As the miles and minutes passed, the mood in the truck began to change. Our 'it's all good' attitude was being replaced with 'let's just get this done'. By now we were about 30 minutes behind our scheduled meeting time in Peaster.

From that point on, every direction I gave was met with hesitation and second guessing. We made it to our destination, but we were very late and our confidence was a bit shaken.

Ever been there? Have you ever run ahead of God by taking short cuts? Ever felt that you knew a better way? We found out later that day that if we had followed the directions from the beginning we would have ended up in the right place. Our short cut didn't take us far enough down the road to intercept with the country road we needed to take. Instead we went numerous miles and about 30 minutes out of our way. Some short cut!

God gives us directions for a reason. They often don't make sense at the time and we feel we can do it in a more efficient way but they always result in something good. By not following directions we wasted time and lost our confidence. When we follow the directions God puts before us, we are able to balance uncertainty with faith. The will of God will never lead you were the grace of God will not protect you. Let God write that on your heart. Now, are you ready to hit the road?

Be blessed,

““For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8


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