Monday, September 13, 2010

Waiting on God

Are you a newer believer? A seasoned spiritual veteran? Somewhere in between? Regardless of where you are on your faith journey at some point you'll find yourself waiting on God. These times can be the most frustrating but also the most fruitful. You may not have the power of choosing God's timing in the matter but you do have the opportunity of choosing how you're going to behave while you wait.

Imagine sitting in a doctor's office waiting room. There are several patients in the room of various ages each needing the doctor's help in their own way. On this day, the doctor is running behind schedule and the wait is longer than normal. A woman in her twenties scowls as she sends a continuous stream of text messages growing more and more irritated by the wait. A four year old boy wiggles and whines getting up and down out of his chair constantly asking his mom if they can just go home. An elderly gentleman sits very still as he reads his book.

When we come to God with our prayers and situations, we take our place in the waiting room. The difference is, God never runs late! He's never behind schedule, He's just not on OUR schedule. So which patient do we represent?

The twenty year old. This is the believer that does not like to be inconvenienced by God's time table. She understands that she needs God in her situation, but the longer she has to wait the more frustrated and angry she becomes. Sound familiar?

The four year old. You would assume that this represents a new believer that hasn't grown in their faith. I like to think of him as the believer who becomes uncomfortable with the position he finds himself in and wants to run. He wants to be anywhere but here. Because 'here' is too hard. 'Here' takes too much faith. 'Here' is a turning point in his faith walk.

The elderly man. This man came prepared. He allowed the time in his day and he brought a book along so he would enjoy the time . He's not concerned with his own agenda and time table because he knows that what's coming is worth the wait. We assume that wisdom comes with age. But believe me, that's not the case! Wisdom comes by learning from life lessons. It comes from remembering what God has done in your past so that you can be confident in what He'll do in your future.

To be honest, each one of us have been each one of them. We've lost all patience, we've wanted to run away from the situation and we've had times of being still and trusting God. But which one are you today? In this situation? The Great Physician will tend to your needs but how you behave while you wait on Him is entirely up to you.

Be blessed,

“I wait for you, O LORD; you will answer, O Lord my God.” Psalm 38:15


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