Monday, March 1, 2010

Spiritual curling

Last night my family watched the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. There were so many athletes and events that we were completely in awe of and we didn’t even get to see them all. But our family now has a new favorite winter sport…curling.

The Game - The basic goal is to get a large orb (called a rock) as close to the center circle of a target at the other end of the track as possible. Similar to a dart board, there is a small circle with an outer ring surrounding it. Any rock that goes outside of the rings doesn’t count for anything.

The Team - the team consists of the shooter who pushes the rock down the track, sweepers who help direct the rock as it approaches the target and a coach who helps them discern the best way to go.

While I watched the sport with my family one night, God began to show me how much curling represented our spiritual walk…

As I saw the shooter consult with the coach, I thought about how that’s just like how we look to God for instruction and encouragement. Through prayer and meditation on His Word, God speaks His will into our heart.

Next, the shooter positions herself, aligns her body with where she wants the rock to go and then curls (pushes) the rock. This represents our efforts to be obedient to God’s instruction, sometimes we are going in the right direction and sometimes we miss the mark.

As the rock heads toward the target, it gets directed by the sweepers. The sweepers reminded me of all the people that God brings into our lives to help direct our path and encourage us to keep going in the right direction. They want us to succeed and give their best effort to help make that happen.

The primary target is the center circle. This could be considered as God’s perfect will for our life. To reach it you need to be specific in how you ‘curl the rock’ and it is valued the highest because it is the hardest to obtain.

The secondary circle could be considered as God’s permissive will. This is an area that is easier to obtain and still has value, yet may not have been exactly the hope that God had for you.

The area outside of the target could be considered everything that is outside of God’s will. This is where the strongholds of sin and pride can be found and are things that have no value to God.

While we may try to curl a perfect game, we have to remember that we face an opposing team that wants to knock our rock out of the circle of God’s will. Our competition (Satan) is crafty and skilled and is constantly strategizing against us. Fortunately, we are part of a winning team with a Coach who knows what it takes it crush our opponent…in fact, He’s already won!

Be blessed,

“Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart.” Job 22:22


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