Monday, February 1, 2010


Have you ever become discouraged in your prayer life? Do you ever feel frustrated that maybe God isn’t hearing you and things just aren’t going right? I definitely have! I have spent time in prayer just to come away feeling about as dry as I was when I started. I have even had times when I informed God how frustrated I was about taking a quiet time with nothing to show for it. I shudder to think of such insolence and am so thankful that God is merciful and refrained from smiting an unappreciative brat like me!

I’ve come to learn that in my fruitless quiet times, I was usually the one doing all of the talking but not much listening. God was listening but I wasn’t allowing Him time to speak and He can only fill us up if we’re willing to hear Him speak truth into our lives. Our spiritual lives are like a sponge, and the condition of that sponge can vary. If we’re not spending time with God or are choosing not to hear Him speak to us, the sponge is hard and brittle. In this state, the sponge can actually do more harm than good. Now, based on what level of exposure we have to God and how open we are to receiving what He has to say changes the condition of our sponge. This can be anywhere from a little damp to full out drippy! But, when the sponge gets fully submerged in the water it becomes full and the water runs freely from it. That’s what God wants for us… to be fully saturated! He wants us to be so full of Him that His love and virtues run off of us like water; all we need to do is allow Him to fill us up!

Please notice that I said ‘allow’ Him to fill us up…this is really important! We can do all the right things, go to all our classes and say all the Christian sayings, but unless we’re actually being still and allowing Him to do some talking, our sponge will start drying out. Just like a sponge cannot stay saturated for days on end, we can’t rely on yesterday’s blessings! The sponge has to be re-submerged over and over again to stay saturated and so do we! I’m the first to admit how easy it is to let a ‘mountain top moment with God’ become something you ride out for a few days, but before you know it you’re back in the valley wondering what happened. Sound familiar? God wants to talk with us everyday not just every so often. He wants us to be saturated in all He has for us, we just need to allow ourselves to be submerged. Dive on in, the water’s fine!

Be blessed,

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:38


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