Monday, June 15, 2009

A Peek Inside

One of my blog following friends recently mentioned that I should add in some blogs that are a little more personal and give a peek into my own life. As I was debating the need for my readers to know what I did each day or what cereal I had for breakfast (blueberry mini wheats - love 'em!) I heard from several more readers who said the same thing. I am a firm believer that anytime God is speaking something to you, He will approach you on several fronts so I will be obedient and do what I'm told!

For the last week, my husband Greg has been in Tokyo, Japan. He has been there before but I have never been, so we tried to arrange for me to fly over for a long weekend. I'm so thankful that when God doesn't want for us to do something, He begins by gently closing doors. Fortunately, we saw the door of oppurtunity close and we didn't try to 'make it work'. Instead, I stayed here with my kiddos and have had some great one on one time with them. Together they can make me crazy and work my very last nerve, but individually they're pretty fantastic and I love the people they are becoming! But we are all ready for Greg's arrival this Wednesday night.

Thursday the chaos will commence! The whole family is leaving early Friday morning on a flight to Miami where we will be boarding our cruise ship Saturday morning. Seven days of magnificence among the high seas! We will be visiting Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas, the Grand Turk Islands and San Juan, Puerto Rico. I'm so excited I can't hardly stand myself!! I cannot tell you how hard it will be to get through this week at work, knowing that I'm destined for a week of blissful relaxation. So if you don't receive a blog next week, just know that it didn't work with the whole boat thing!

On a more personal note, may I ask for your prayers? God has laid another Bible study idea on my heart and I know that it's time to write with Him again. However, I've let just about everything else get in my way and haven't begun the project. Could you please be praying that I would allow God to use my time how He wants to? Also that He would faithfully pour this study out of me just as He did with Parables of the Master Storyteller...what an amazing experience that was!! Please pray that I would align myself with His will and purpose for His glory!! Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Thanks for the chat!
Be blessed,


Lisa Newsome said...

Great post today! Loved the personal touch. Have fun on your cruise. Maybe the relaxation will begin your journey for the next study. Or the fear on the zip lines! HA!!

Lisa newsome

Chooselifegail said...

How exciting to get to go on a Cruise. I am so happy for you . have a blessed time. I finally have entered the world of Google so get to post this with out trauma hopefully. I am also so happy that you will be doing another bible study. Blessing Gail

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